10 Steps To Changing Your World

Sometimes it can feel as though there is little we can do as individuals to help the world around us. However, it is important to remember that, though we may not be able to enact large-scale changes, we always have the ability to change our own communities! Here are some educational tools that you can use as methods for changing your world. Youth should remember that they are much more powerful than they think!

  1. Find a local problem you feel strongly about.
  2. Talk to your local city councillor, your parents, or teacher to see if they can fix it
  3. If not, start a Facebook or other social media page or group
  4. Write a petition – bring it with you everywhere and use it to spread the word. Make sure you record people’s email addresses. These can be used to create a group.
  5. Have a meeting and start a group – settle on a name, logo and mission and vision or purpose. Ask attendees to contribute so you have a small budget.
  6. Go to borough and city council meetings or talk to your principal to bring up your issue
  7. Use Facebook events and have a walk in your area or general meeting to discuss the issue
  8. Contact like-minded groups in your area and get their support
  9. Call or email local news and get them to interview you. You will have better luck with local or school papers to start. Write an opinion piece for your local newspaper. Keep a list of all journalists you have met and keep a press list of all news pieces
  10. Letter-writing campaigns. A written letter is worth 100 emails and a typed letter is worth 20 emails. Emails still count!
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About the author
UrbaNature Education teaches environmental education in urban and suburban settings. We facilitate the human connection with nature, wherever it is found, ensuring our programs are available to all, especially vulnerable populations.