Third-party/Peer-to-peer fundraising

About third-party & peer-to-peer fundraising

What is third-party fundraising?

Third-party fundraising is when a person or business (you) fundraises for us. It can include peer-to-peer fundraising and third-party fundraising.  Another great example of third-party fundraising  is cause marketing.

A special event could include:

  • a dinner
  • a car or bike wash
  • dog costume contest
  • a swim or walk
  • comedy night
  • race
  • tournament
  • walkathon, bikeathon (or any kind of thon)
  • banquet
  • cake walk
  • scavenger hunt. 
  • birthday parties
  • weddings
  • anniversaries
  • retirement celebrations
  • memorial services

There are so many possibilities

If you’d like to host a special event on our behalf, please contact us. As a charity we have to follow certain guidelines so be sure to register with us before hosting your event.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to raise money on behalf of UrbaNature.

As a bonus, any donation $20 and over is eligible for an official charitable tax receipt.

In lieu of gifts or flowers, why not set up a giving page for UrbaNature if you’re planning an event in honour or memory of someone special?  You could do this for:

  • A milestone event such as a birthday or an anniversary
  • A holiday gift
  • A just because gift
  • Honouring a loved one’s memory

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If you have any questions about cause marketing or third-party or peer-to-peer fundraising or need help setting up your event or campaign, please get in touch with us.