Making your donation monthly makes a huge difference to charities such as ours

Recurring donations a big help

Like many other nonprofits, the cash flow of revenues to UrbaNature is unpredictable, complicating management of our programs. Having predictable and scheduled monthly revenues through recurring donations makes it easier to focus on our mission of connecting people to nature in urban and suburban spaces.

Such predictability gives us breathing room when we plan our environmental education programs, search for resources to run our programs and hire staff.

Giving monthly also benefits you as a donor. You don’t have to try to find funds at the end of the year when you may find yourself in a cash crunch after buying gifts for the holidays. You’ll benefit from the charitable tax receipt and we’ll put your money to good use.

Annual donations appreciated

If recurring donations aren’t in your budget, an annual donation is very much appreciated. It will make it easier to run our environmental education programs and connect people, especially vulnerable people, with the beauty of nature so they can learn from it.

If you have any questions about donations to UrbaNature, please contact Lisa Mintz at

You’ll find our donation form below: