Corporate sponsorship

All about corporate sponsorship

Why corporate sponsorship

A corporate sponsorship is typically a payment made by a business to a nonprofit group in support of the group’s mission. This support can be directed to the nonprofit’s activities, programs, or special events and is formally acknowledged. Such support can also include non-monetary resources or other forms of assistance to a nonprofit’s programs.

For companies helping a nonprofit charity such as UrbaNature, it’s a way of enhancing corporate responsibility, building a positive image and contributing to a worthy cause.

Types of corporate sponsorship

A corporate sponsorship could include any of the following:

  • Donations. A one-time donation, recurring donation or a grant.
  • Doubling of donations from other sources.
  • In-kind donations. These could include computers, office space, professional services or other much-needed resources.
  • Employee engagement. Many companies encourage their employees to volunteer with or fundraise for charities. Some companies have matching gift programs where they match the donations or volunteer hours contributed by their employees.
  • Sponsorship Agreements. With a formal sponsorship agreement, UrbaNature can set up the terms and conditions of a partnership with your company. The agreement would specify the level of financial support offered, how long the partnership will last and any expectations and benefits for both your company and UrbaNature. 

Cause marketing

Cause marketing is when a for-profit business teams up with a nonprofit organization for a common benefit. An example would be a local restaurant giving 50 cents or $1 from each customer order to UrbaNature during a set period of time. Another type of cause marketing would be if your for-profit brand launches a social or charitable campaign on our behalf.

In either case, you’ll receive an official charitable tax receipt for any donations you make to us.