Why do we fundraise?

Fundraising is important for nonprofit organizations and charities like ours because as much as we love the work we’re doing, we can’t afford to do it if we’re starving.

We fundraise for several reasons

Financial sustainability

As a charitable nonprofit, like many others in our sector, UrbaNature is under resourced. Fundraising makes it possible for us to have the funds to do great work connecting people from all walks of life with nature in urban and suburban settings. 

Our environmental education programs include outdoor learning activities led by qualified instructors, classes, workshops and guided nature tours. By raising more money, we can put those funds into our educational programs and materials, hire staff and pay salaries and keep our programs accessible to all. Funding helps us cover the cost of educational materials, and program development.

Program development

In order to expand and improve our educational programs, we need additional funds.

By fundraising, we can develop new curricula, provide a wider range of educational experiences, and improve teaching quality.

Impact and Outreach

It’s crucial to protect nature areas in urban and suburban settings. The more money we raise, the more awareness we can raise with the general public, and the more we can help change the world.

Fundraising helps UrbaNature recruit more volunteers and reach more people and communities. By engaging people in both our local community and beyond to support our environmental education mission, we give people a sense of ownership. This will encourage them to help us continue to protect the Falaise St. Jacques and other local greenspaces. All this means that people can connect with nature without leaving the city. 

Not everyone can afford to pay for workshops and nature tours. We fundraise to keep our environmental education programs accessible, especially to vulnerable populations and the organizations which support them.